Frets with DJ Fey

Wicked Game: Author Michael Goldberg on James Calvin Wilsey

May 20, 2022 DJ Fey Season 2 Episode 2
Frets with DJ Fey
Wicked Game: Author Michael Goldberg on James Calvin Wilsey
Show Notes

Michael Goldberg’s new book: “Wicked Game: The True Story of Guitarist James Calvin Wilsey” goes deep into the life of a brilliant but doomed unsung genius who we lost too soon. Jimmy wasn’t just a great and unique guitarist, but a music pioneer. Michael met Jimmy Wilsey in 1982 at a Silvertone gig and a few years later interviewed him in 1987.  Not long after that, they became friends. His book tells the story of a charming, incredibly talented guy who ultimately succumbed to the dark side of addiction. It’s riveting, funny at times, heartbreaking and tragic, but fascinating – and hard to put down.

The book is available through HoZac and Michael is donating a very generous portion of the profits to Jimmy Wilsey’s teenage son, Waylon. You can order yours here:

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